Gypso OUT May 28th

by Kavemura



Gypso could not have been made one second before it was supposed to be.
One of my best friends, who also happens to be the one who introduced me to the magic world of beats, after listening to it said that since I started making beats more than ten years ago I`ve been preparing myself all the time to produce this record. Well, he knows me more than many other people, and I guess he`s right.

For the screwed up and challenging life i had it`s quite relieving for me the fact that I can finally feel like if every experience i have had is fixed in here.
Fixed without words in the form of soulful sounds and synths that mix together, fixed behind the rhythm of programmed percussions that keep the tales and memories alive.
Gypso seems to be a definitive metaphor for the nomadic trip that my existence on this planet has been so far.

The smell of this album is the smell of all the couches I`ve slept on, of the streets I`ve walked on, of the girls` bodies I`ve visited. It`s the smell of the canals of a wonderful city, of late night empty buses, of fried fish and hashish burning. It smells of foreign countries, holy places and forgotten neighborhoods, polluted air, different skins, lonely deserts, wet lips, close friends and lost friends, hot pants and black veils, forbidden dreams. It`s an unscreened movie about rebirth, religion, love, sex, hope, addiction, loss, success, failure. It contains the ingredients of everybody`s life. I`ve put my soul on it, my love for the people and the world we all live in, my skills and my fragility as well.

Gypso is not one for the purists. It`s an impure and contaminated fruit of the present globalization, the son of cultural interaction and everyday struggle to maintain our position in this world and our balance in the chaos.



released May 28, 2010



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Kavemura Italy

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